Documents: 1 April 1945
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Shipmate's Personal Documents

Play the LST-884 short video footage from 1 April 1945
 Total time about 62 seconds with titles & credits (approx 6Mb)

Selected pages (PDF) from the ComPhibGrp 7 Action Report

Link to complete 110 page report (May require high speed DSL or cable!)

United States LST Association article from the November/December 1990 edition of LST Scuttlebutt detailing the events of 1 April 1945:
  Complete page (11" x 16") PDF available on request.
  Column 1 (484 Kb)
  Column 2 (485 Kb)
  Column 3 (404 Kb)
  Column 4 (390 Kb)

Newspaper article dated 1 April 1945 believed to be from the Marion Star of Marion, Ohio discussing the big picture in the Pacific (U.S. viewpoint): From the Stuart Flockencier files.