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1stLt Tom Bussjaeger, USMC
  Tom was aboard LST-884 April 1st.  This article discusses that day and beyond culminating in his 2013 Honor Flight trip to Washington, D.C. Semper Fidelis.
by Jared Whitlock
Rancho Sante Fe News (Nov 1, 2013)


View from the LST-838 April 1st, 1945


"At War with the Wind" by David Sears

A review here. Available at major book sellers and your local library.

Although I agree with most of what Mr. Sears had to say about the events of April 1st and LST-884, I believe there might have been some research issues as to whom was killed in the initial attack based on the deck logs of that day and that all crew was accounted for.


Life on Okinawa April though November 1945
by Gerald B. Ingraham
130th Naval Construction Battalion
SC1c, USN, 1943-1946


View from the USS Neches April 1st, 1945


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