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 Hi everyone,

I tried having a true guest book but after just a few weeks it was attacked by spam bots.  Starting slowly then escalated to an attack every 30 minutes... resulting in my removing the guest book until a better solution is found. For time being, if you want to leave a comment, E-mail me, and I will post your comments here. 

Thanks for understanding.

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14 Mar 2009: Thanks for your website on LST-884. My dad was at Okinawa and helped rescue some of the crew and Marines from the 884. He helped care for the injured in the galley of LST-838. Again, thanks for your nice website. Vern Ingraham - son of Gerald B. Ingraham, S1c, 130th Naval Construction Battalion.

20 Mar 2009: A wonderful Tribute to the Brave Heroes of LST 884! Great Job! John Ratomski, son of a WW2 Seabee

15 Apr 2011: I just want you to know that I appreciate what you've done to recall the guys who served on LST-884 .  Thanks very much for putting it together.  I would have signed your guest book but it sounded like that wasn't advisable. 

 My own father served on LST-884 ([sic]LST- 864).


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