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George was a 19 year old "guest" aboard LST 884 on April 1st, 1945 waiting orders to go ashore when the 884 came under attract by Japanese kamikaze aircraft. His time onboard left a lasting memory.

A short interview dtd 4.22.2008 with George concerning LST-884 and LST-325 along with some comments on the central topic

A short article dtd 8.6.2008 with George on bringing LST 325 Clinton, IA

A short article dtd 8.24.2008 with George on bringing LST 325 to the Quad Cities area

Another article dtd 8.25.2008 dealing with LST 325 coming to the Quad Cities

George had become acquainted with Quad Cities KUUL radio personality Steve Ketelaar whose father had served aboard a LST during WWII. Steve asked George for a short rundown of his LST time aboard the 884 for Steve's Facebook page. George sent Steve this article. Steve was so impressed with it that on the morning of August 28th 2008, Steve read the complete document on the air. Also included was a "thought to be long lost" photo of LST-884 taken April 1, 1945 that shipmate Dell Flockencier's son Stu had discovered.

We lost George December 21st, 2009 after a courageous battle with cancer. George was both a credit to the Corps and to the LST community. He will be missed.