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  It is with great sadness that I add another name to this list. 

01.24.2015: Shipmate Mr. Reed R. Garcia. Reed's memorial.

08.16.2014: Shipmate Mr. Edward DiGiovanni. Edward's memorial. Visit Edward's LST-884 personal page.

05.17.2013: Shipmate Mr. Bill Harvey. Bill's memorial.

09.11.2010: Shipmate Mr. Roy H. Bailey.    Roy's Memorial  .DOC .PDF

04.30.2010: Shipmate Mr. Paul Kinne.    Paul's Memorial .DOC  .PDF

12.21.2009: Marine George White.    George's Memorial  .PDF
   Visit George's LST-884 personal page

07.31.2009: Shipmate Mr. James I Smith. James' memorial.

01.06.2009:  Shipmate Mr. Joseph Boone
   Joe's Memorial  .jpg  .PDF 
   Visit Joe's LST-884 personal page

01.05.2009:  Shipmate Mr. Al Geary Sr.     Al's Memorial .DOC  .PDF

09.11.1998: Shipmate Mr. Harry C Pelt (Best information I have found)

Arlington National Cemetery (non-Govt site)

U.S. flag flying at half staff
  Taps played by the United States Army Band
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Additional information on Taps can be found at TapsBugler.com


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